Bowling club

Our membership ranges over a span of 80 years, so whatever your age you will feel at home.

We play every week but sometimes away against other teams, so we may not be in the Hall if you just drop in. Come along and enjoy the friendship and fellowship and learn an activity where you are never too old or too much of a beginner. There will be no pressure to have you playing competitively, just enjoy the evening with some gentle exercise. You will also get a cup of tea and a biscuit for your trouble. You do not need to bring anything, but leave your high heels at home.


To help you feel connected with the other women of our congregation regardless of age or interest we would encourage you to come along to PW on the second Wednesday night of each month Sept to April at 8pm to enjoy community, conversation and commission.

As well as a variety of women from all walks of life and ages - there is a varied programme - our theme this year is ‘Grow and Bear Fruit‘.  Perhaps topics will not always be of interest to you but at some stage of the year there could be something that is of particular relevance, so for that one night we would love to have you join in  - i.e. as much or little as you feel you have the time and space to be involved.

Small Groups

Small groups recommence each September and meet on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month. 

On 4th Sundays in the month we meet for Focus, our teaching series